Weirdest Day Ever

Weirdest Day Ever
written by Kristie
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Today I honestly felt like I entered the Twilight Zone. I think we all felt like today was just off. I woke early after having only 5 hours max of sleep. And when we left, I was dressed in sweats because I thought it was raining. Turns out it wasn’t rain.

this is snow, people.

The school day started normal and right as we were finishing our stories in Creative Writing, the power goes off. But it quickly turns on again and we think it’s just a combination of two classes next to each other all using computers. Then, the power goes of again and you hear this collection of “What!” “F*ck!” and “NOOOO!”

The bell rings, off to third hour. Right as we’re climbing the steps, the lights turn on again. Everyone moans. And it shuts off immediately. And there is a chorus of “Yays!” that makes me smile.

We spend AP Lit in the dark reading because the power goes off right before my teach tries to print out our two quizzes. YAY!

class in the dark

reading Jane Eyre in the dark, by the windows

And just when we think the day can’t get any worse than not being able to go home, the fire alarm goes of and…

we’re all stuck outside without any warning,

helping those who need warmth 🙂

I slept on the couch in the library for my fifth hour, feeling too lazy and snow-sick to do anything. And we head of to lunch, unsure what to expect. We end up all having cheese sandwiches (thank you Michael for your quick thinking and the money to buy 50 loafs of bread) and salad bar. It wasn’t too bad.

Right as soon as everyone finishes their food, the lights go back on.

Art class, with working lights.

Not that I was able to go anywhere because my slippers (good choice, right?) were soaked all the way through. Once school was over, I decided that I didn’t want to walk home alone in the cold with freezing feet. So, I stayed after to finish my photo project and watch the volleyball girls prepare for their game tomorrow.

new player spiking it hard

Poor sick baby. Feel better MG

I headed home feeling sad cause it’d snowed quite a bit. UCK!

it’s not even the first snow of the season 😦


snow on the mountain

why doesn’t anyone else have to deal with this?

Another surprise is waiting for me at home…

officially a living room now. but with my bed in the corner…

where’d you come from?

that’s right, the cat I thought we’d officially got rid of has come back…

All-in-all, it’s really been a weird day. But not bad. Just like everything was turned upside down all of a sudden. We should definitely have a strange day like this every once in a while.

Guess what?! Tomorrow, I’m heading down to the Springs. Exciting. To see my friends’ first amazing gallery. Even more exciting! I honestly can’t wait! It will be a very action-filled week.

Wish me much love,


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