Frozen Snakes

Frozen Snakes
written by Kristie
________ ~ * ~ ________

Oh my goodness, I seriously needed that cry time (…for Jenny). Today was just a bunch of up and downs and all over the place. I started the day off good. I woke up before it was time to leave (what?) and even had time to do make-up (OHMYGOD!). The school day started just as good reading short stories about poop and ticks. And even though I had a test in second hour that I didn’t do the reading for, I didn’t panic.
And then we got to third hour. AP Lit. And I nearly cried. It was just that good. I don’t know how to explain it, so I’ll just leave you hanging with some of the awesome words we shared in class today: Wiener, love, bitch, jerk, tease, planking, cold gravy, and nes-nessis-nessary-nessoss-nessesity.
You may wonder how we covered all these topics while reading Jane Eyre. But that’s just how our class does.
Speaking of Jane Eyre. OHMYGOD! I think I’m in love. 
Math was a blast…again. And I’m starting to tutor someone again which is fun.
Then came volleyball. Which was…again. No words. Let’s just say we kicked ass! During the Varsity game, a couple of friends and I decided we were going to lose our voices cheering. Yeah…I won.
I failed on the bus ride home, though. A Danimals was spilt on the floor and I stepped in it without knowing and my sweater got drenched in it. I also fell off my seat while I was sleeping (not fun, in case you were wondering). It was just a very long day, to say the least.
we got a little crazy with the camera…

“Happy llama, sad llama, mentally-deranged llama…”

Heart on the window

Too good for words 🙂
I hope yours was full as mine,

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