Volleyball Anyone?

Volleyball Anyone?
written by Kristie
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Yeeeeeeeeeessss! I just came home from a volleyball game that was super intense. Like, if we’d lost, there’d be many tears shed. And, yes. That means we won. A stunning 3/4 games.
I would love to share some photos with you, but alas, as soon as I got home I realized my phone was no longer with me. I’m just hoping someone found it out there in the gym. Cause tomorrow, we have another two teams to beat. (The only team that hasn’t lost = US!)
I think I’m getting better at getting my shiz together. Because, for the last two days, I’ve been coming home with no homework to do. Yay for me!
I’ve actually been talking with this girl who went to Japan this year with Rotary. And she’s been explaining to me how different life is and getting me really pumped up to be going (I haven’t been accepted yet…cross your fingers!). I don’t know how I’ll take it…if I go…but I really hope it’ll be a good experience for me.
I would also like to show you how crazy my cat is being. It’s the first time he’s been fed cat food in three days or so and I think it’s making him hyper. But he could also be tired. I mean seriously, this dude is running around like crazy fetching this thing and that. He’s so weird.
Well…I suppose that concludes the Kristie update…

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