The Kicking of Ze Butt

The Kicking of Ze Butt
written by Kristie
________ ~ * ~ ________

One major thing that’s been going on in my life is Volleyball. So most of what I’ll talk about will have to do with this topic. Today, we played two teams and kicked butt both times. It was wonderful, yet very stressful. I’ve learned that next home game (Friday), I’ll be singing the National Anthem. Pretty big there and it makes me quite a bit nervous just thinking about it.
We’re all a big family.
Varsity kicking butt against Mancos.

Going in for the set…

Meghan hits the floor for our C Team

Doing well against Ignacio

And another set…
Down for the count…

A great kill by Morgan.

Celebrations of the best kind. Winning!


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