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Thirty Facts of Mine

Thirty Facts of Mine
written by Kristie
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This is a post inspired by a lovely blog called Last Train to Pooksville. It was a post a while back, but I adore memes and wanted to do another little one, since I haven’t been inspired to blog for a while. I do this while enjoying a lovely day inside (out from the cold snow), watching movies with my little sister.

1) I have three sisters; two older, one younger
2) I live with only my mom and little sis, Stephie now. Katrina and Bekah live in Colorado Springs for college.
3) Once I see a good movie, I can watch it over and over again without being content. I once watched a movie (Tangled) eighteen times in a week. So good!
4) I used to think I wanted to be a chef, ever since I was three until I was a freshman.
5) Now, I want to become a teacher.
6) I still love to cook. Others say that I do it well. And I’m working on my baking skills since they’re not the best.
7)  I style of clothing is somewhere between old lady and cute vintage. It’s a bit hard to distinguish between the two though.
8) I don’t have nearly as must clothes as I wish I had. I have a bit of a addiction.
9) My favorite time of the year is Christmas even though I absolutely hate the snow. I love how excited you can get knowing that it’s nearing. In our family, we always do as much as we can to celebrate every holiday, but especially Christmas. We buy the tree, go on shopping sprees for presents, visit Santa at least three times, visit 7 Falls, Rock-ledge Ranch, and look at the best decorated houses near the Broadmore. I’ll definitely share more as we get closer and closer to Christmas!
 10) I get a bit obsessed with TV shows. Like Psych, Doctor Who, Bones, and Lie to Me.
11) I love getting piercings, but I don’t exactly want to be all piercings.

12) I often dream about being a ninja.
13) I have dyslexia, and it’s really hard for me to write long-hand and to read out loud, but I force my way through it.
14) In eighth grade, I faked being sick once, sometimes twice a week, for the whole first half of the year. I was surprised that my parents still believed me/even still picked me up after two months of that.
15) I have a strange fear of water because I have a fear of sharks. I can’t even take a bath without being afraid of a shark coming up the drain. I know, weird.
16) I have a serious addiction to gummy bears. Like, it’s not even funny.
17) I kind of have a dream of being a cat lady when I grow up.
18) But, I also dream about my wedding/life afterwards with whomever I have a crush on that year.
19) Speaking of which, I have this bad crush on this boy, and I’m a bit nervous about others knowing about it, thanks to our Pow-Wow at the last team sleepover.
20) My favorite thing to do is go out in PJs. I feel like others should be jealous that they can’t pull that madness off.
21) I so badly want to be British.
22) I’ve never had a boyfriend, but I didn’t think I’m depressed about it. Just kind of “It’d be fun to have one, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m still young.”
23) I love music so much that it feels awkward when it’s not playing, and not only in a car. Just in life itself.
24) I’m considering getting dreads. In total honestly. But those fakey kinds, not the yucky, I’m-too-lazy-to-shower kind of dreads. I’m thinking purple, dirty blond, and brown.
25) I only started editing last year, but already, people say I’m a genius. Which makes me smile.
26) I get told I’m funny at least once a week, but I honestly don’t see it.
27) I love to write and I spend most of my time doing that.
28) One of my favorite things to do with my mom while I was little was going to open houses. My favorite was seeing all the beautiful kitchens and decoration ideas.
29) I love to take photos and I’m really happy I’m in photo class. The same happened with my film class (I so did not want to be in that class, but now I know I’m good at it)
30) I tell everyone I want 8 kids when I’m older, but that’s just a starting number 😉
Until next time,

PAC: Organize

PAC: Organize
written by Kristie
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This is the first in a series I call PAC. Standing for: Project Alla-Cazoo (aka. re-doing my room). The original name gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I do anything.
Over the weekend, I decided the clean my room (or, more like my mom made me) and I took it a step further, gathering all sorts of things to organize with. It started with one small, white bookcase. Then, every day I came home, there were more and more stuff. I now have three wooden cases and a big wire basket case. Plus a couch…ish. What?
Confused? Let me show you my progress…
I started with a clean room…
mustache, anyone?

even organized my closet…
and got my books out of storage 🙂 big smile

shoeboxes covered in wrapping paper = pretty and cheap decore

Doctor Who?

Doctor Who?
written by Kristie
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Yeah, you heard me right. This was bound to happen. Knowing how obsessed I am.
Now, I’m not trying to convince you to become as obsessed as I am, I am just showing you why I’m so insanely obsessed. And for those who have never heard/seen this show to develop their own opinions. (it’s hard to resist).
Now, let’s see what is so funny and addicting about this amazing show 😉
And now the previews of my favorite episodes:
And Finally, just for kicks:

Music for the Mind

Music for the Mind
written by Kristie
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Have you ever heard something that inspired you to do something. Like maybe go for a run, clean your room/entire house, or even inspired you to just rest? Well, music can do that for me. 
The author of one of my favorite blogs Spidatter has created a new “Blog” on tumblr that I think is absolutely ingenious! It’s just some posts with brilliant music. I literally went through all the songs and listened to them all twice, at least. Good choices.
I started think about how much music can change a life, ’cause I’m the kind of girl who does that. I know I’ve thought about how different and difficult life would be if I were deaf. For me, this is honestly the worse sense I could loose.
I can’t go one day without listening to some sort of music. The silence scars me poo-less. I rarely do anything without listening to something. It’s one of those things that you never know you’d miss until you have it taken away from you.
I can honestly listen to a song twenty times over, right after another. If it catches a certain mood, I can write for hours just listening to the one song. I have two songs right now that I choose to listen to when nothing can strike the story’s mood for me. They are Runaway by Mat Kearney and Little House by Amanda Seyfried.

Iphoto the Week (2)

Iphoto the Week (2)
written by Kristie
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Busy week full of doctors, dentists, skipped school, Doctor Who, PSATs, pep rallys, and fun. There’s nothing much I can say about this week except that it was very stressful and eye-opening. It was also good. Let the pictures tell you the story.

Tuesday (last week):

 – saved the computer my mom doused in slushie
 – spent most of the day in the library with this guy
 – when he dared me to read the 200+ pages I had left of Jane Eyre, I went home and finished in within two hours.


 – Fall has arrived
 – school full of angels
 – Meet Bo Chung Ho my gay, transvestite, ninja nephew.
 – pep rally to kick the day off.


 – woke up on the floor
 – spent half day at school
 – then off to kick butt in volleyball…and we did! I’m proud to say that my bestie, Sierra, who is on the Freshman team scored us a MAJOR kill in the varsity game. We were all cheering our hearts out!


 – fall colors
 – wakey wakey in a very comfy place
 – being absolutely opsessed with Doctor Who (honestly, you’ll hear this at least a million times per week)
 – and these veggies are SO good. Do try. I barely knew I was eating veggies.

Monday (today):

It was a very odd day today. Half day which throws everyone off and I got pulled out of 4th through 7th to meet a man behind the movie Coroline. It was very cool. We even got to hold the doll. (I’ll have to find those photos). Then I went home and relaxed. It was nice.

 – AP US is so full of laughs. 🙂
 – and Pre-Calc before I got pulled out…
 – I decided to wear pjs today
 – yummy yummy get into my tummy. I love this stuff.
 – my Mikey G.