Pictures Galore

Pictures Galore
written by Kristie
________ ~ * ~ ________

I started picturing it up on Facebook tonight and decided that I wanted to reminiscence a bit on the past year’s amazing times. So here are a little quite a few pictures of the amazing times I experienced.
Photo Shoot with the great Melodie Pruitt. ’10

At Ce’s birthday party. I love this girl.

Going to pumpkin patch with the gang.

(Most of) The Gang.

Director’s Club last day.

Premiere of our movie, Speak!

Mountain Film. Many funs shared here.

Spending time with friends…

…and reading books. 🙂

Cata from Chili (I miss you dearly old friend).
Ce from Italy (next to her, Karol from Poland). This girl IS my heart
Dats lovely.

Girl. Yeesss.
I seriously don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have all my wonderful friends in my life. I think I would just cry. A lot. I love these people. You’re amazing.
Living here has definitely brought on many opportunities that I would have never been able to experience anywhere else. I’m happy that I’ve been able to further discover who I am whilst being here.
* I don’t usually talk this way, but I just completed a reading assignment out of Jane Eyre and cannot get the language out of my head.

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