17 for 17

Follow me as I try to cross off all my dreams from my list of things to do while I’m 17…

17 for 17

  1. Complete my first feature-length film.
  2. Get accepted into my “dream” college (wherever it may be).
  3. Learn to take pictures that can inspire.
  4. Go to Chicago!
  5. Ride a horse.
  6. Do something that makes me step out of my comfort zone.
  7. Get into the City Lights program.
  8. Visit 3 states.
  9. Find my passion.
  10. See my best friend Noelle again.
  11. Get a laptop I’d be proud to have.
  12. Graduate High School.
  13. Get my license
  14. Redecorate my blog.
  15. Get a job.
  16. Become a super hero.
  17. Read 50 books, watch 100 movies, and take 1,000 pictures.

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